Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vietnam Kitchen 090808

am Went to Vietnam Kitchen @ Taipan for dinner today... They serve complimentary peanuts...the ones u normally eat with porridge.. For drinks we ordered a Basil Passion Soda & Cold Water Chestnut Cold Water Chestnut @ RM5.90 Basil Passion Soda @ RM6.50 Both the drinks taste nice....i like the basil passion taste refreshing while the chestnut drink has a very nice chestnut taste...taste like blended water chestnut...For starters, we ordered a Fried Vietnam Spring Roll..Fried Vietnam Spring Roll @ RM6.90 The spring roll is nice...wit some crushed peanuts on top to blend together with the meat n vege within the roll. Crispy..hehehe For dishes we ordered the vietnam sour soup, 3 sauce fish fillet, vietnam sesame chicken, and fried eggplant in vietnam style...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Ben & Nick's 080808

Due to the Olympics opening, decided to eat some where near my home so I could go home and watch the opening..hehehe Decided to try out Ben & Nick's opposite my place..the place is nice n cosy...very homely...but place is rather small... For drinks I ordered a cup of mango juice while Vince ordered a Coke light. For starters, we ordered a mushroom soup For main course, Vince ordered steak while I ordered chicken chop Food's nt as good s expected...the steak is not nicely cooked...part of it is too raw while the other part is just nice...the chicken chop doesn't taste very good....but the environment is good so could consider going back nx time to try their lamb shank..haha

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fishotheraphy @Foot Master, Berjaya Times Square 070808

today as usual was a hectic day in our me, Brenda & Cammie decided to go try out the fish spa in our complex since he's one of our tenants and we're curious to know how it feels like...mainly cos there's discount also..HAHAHA okie..upon arrival there were not much guests..2 arabian ladies only but they're enjoying their spa in a closed up area due to religious while waiting for Brenda to arrive, me & Cammie stared at the fishes and chit chat with one of the owners, Nicole. Some of the fishes had grown so big compared to the day we saw during their shop opening which is like only 2 mths back...the thought of having to put my leg into the water n let the big fishes nibble away on my dead skin cells attached to my leg sends the shivers through me...But Nicole told us that these fishes does not have teeth and their nibbling doesn't hurt. Kenny, the other owner told us their outlet in Sunway Pyramid have bigger ones and the champions fishes are at Aeon Bukit Tinggi where some fishes had grown into full length..6 INCHES..tat's scary...can't imagine wat if the fishes are supposed to nibble and tis gigantic garra ruffa fish comes to attack my pinkie and decides to swallow it all...ARGH~~~~~ we were all very afraid at first...cos scat "geli" ma...but after a while we jus let the fish nibble away...but thinking "hmm...would the fish die cos our legs are covered in lotion..since we use lotions daily...b4 u know it all the fishes are floating around due to indigestion caused by lotions.." DUMD eh....hahaha Anyway, here are some pictures for u ppl to see...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pick n' Brew @ 1 Utama 030808

went to 1 Utama for dinner tonight..s usual tried something new...went to Pick n' Brew..I went there b4 for food tasting wit my boss n colleague..tis time I went wit Vince..the environment is cosy actually...soft music...neutral's got a big window where u can see LDP highway...also have a smoking room...the view is nice...can't wait to sit in the waiting room when it's raining...i'm sure it would b nice..hahaokie..lets go to the food part..hahaha..for drinks Vince ordered the Iced Fruit Tea & I ordered the Hazelnut Latte

iced tea @ RM8.00
Hazelnut Latte @ RM8.00

there was this ornament on the i can't call it ornament or maybe test tube thingy..watever le..haha..they fill it wit olive oil &'s actually used to serve some form of appetizer where they gv bread baked wit some herbs and u dip the bread into the mixture of olive oil & vinegar...they din serve us tat..dunno y...but the 1st time i went they served us tat...
We ordered a Mushroom soup & smoked salmon on brioche for starters...the mushroom soup is quite bland so we added some pepper to it...but the smoked salmon on brioche taste good...
Cream of Mushroom @ RM13.00
Smoked Salmon on Brioche @ RM17.00 (Sorry..forgot to take the pic..share the salmon pic wit u guys le...Haha..*shy*)

The smoked salmon on brioche taste good. It's served with egg, some sort of vege, smoken salmon, cherry tomatoes & the brioche...For main course, I ordered the Penne Carbonara while Vince ordered the Braised Lamb ShankBraised Lamb Shank @ RM38.00 (Served with Mashed Potato, 3 strands of Asparagus & 4 Biji Brussel Sprouts)
Penne Carbonara @ RM18.00 (Served with Bacon & Additional Cheese Powder)

The lamb shank doesn't taste very good s compared to the shank at Las Carrestas...the meat texture is very harsh and dry...

We din manage to finish the food...the Penne Carbonara was too salty...probably too much salt and the bacons are salty at the first place...
we din finish our food....drinks i finished mine but Vince dun like his drink so he only had half a cup..the coffee is quite nice i gulped every drop of it..hahahaha

The total bill came to RM112.20....not as good s expected..perhaps cos i ordered the wrong things....but there's this salmon dish i tried during my first visit which tasted good...tats all for now...till i hv budget for more food..hahaha

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