Thursday, November 27, 2008


Recently there's this new tenant that started their biz..In the quest of satisfying our craving tummies me & my colleagues decide to try out the new ice cream stall, KINDORI ICE CREAM from Taiwan specializing in fresh fruits ice cream. Upon arrival we were greeted by the warm staffs and a cozy setup. Kindori offers a wide variety of fresh fruits for customers to choose from. The choosen fresh fruits are then picked and weighed in order to give the best flavouring then crushed and mixed with vanilla ice-cream to create its flavouring. Customers can choose to get their ice cream served in cup or in crispy waffle cone. They charge an additional RM1.00 for cone but its worth every cents cos the cone is so yummy and crispy.for which customers choose fresh fruit to flavor with. Besides the fruits flavour, they offer macha, red bean, standard chocolate flavour, coffee & even black sesame.

Cammie went for the mango flavour served in cup, Brenda went for raspberry on cone and I went for the macha on cone..*YUMMY* YUMMY* Sifu doing our ice cream..*SLURP*SLURP* Ice cream machine Mango flavour Raspberry flavour Macha Flavour

The ice cream taste really good and it's not too sweet. The fruity flavour is very full and the texture is smooth it slides down your throat. We had a good time enjoying the ice cream and went back to office with satisfied tummies..HEHE.. Gimme & Brada with their so called "Traffic Light" Kindori serves a variety of juices as well and also fruit tea...

P/S : Kindori is located on the 3rd Floor of Berjaya Times Square( in front of GSC).

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Full House @ NZX

It's Octo's bday earlier and cos I wasn't feeling well we did not manage to celebrate at a pre picked Korean restaurant at Cheras. So while waiting for the new celebrating day to arrived I so happen to see a review on Full House @ NZX. I posted the link to both Fish & Octo and as usual were very excited and more than willing to change the venue to Full House. The front view of the shop

The "Bungalow" floor plan
The place is quite comfy 2 floor cafe. They categorise themself as lifestyle cafe with a range of home deco items, food and a percentage of clothes & complimentary accessories. Their menu is quite cute where they introduce the family members which consists of the usual daddy, mummy, son, daughter and pet dog. They offer sandwiches, western foods, local delights and a wide range of drinks. Set meals are also provided and the price is fairly reasonable. The place has a garden lawn replica perfect for afternoon tea. So we decided to have our lunch in the "Garden". It's got grass lookalike carpet and artificial bushes to fence up their premise complete with garden seats and umbrella and also artificial doves. P/S: Please do not misunderstand. I was patting the doves not tring to get them off the bushes. L-R: Octo & Me L-R : Fish & Octo I went for the Full House Sandwich while Fish went for the Dory fish set and Octo choose the Carbonara set. We also added an extra bowl of French Fries cos we saw the neighbouring table having it and the smell seems tempting and for desserts, our usual favourites the Tiramisu. Full House Club Sandwich *yummy*yummy*
Dory Fillet Set : Comes with Lime Juice and Ice Cream. Add RM1.00 for Cappucino Mushroom SoupCarbonara
French Fries Tiramisu Food filled table. Table was too small to fit everything. Posing with my sandwich...So HUGE How?? How do i eat this sandwich??? I know...Use my hands..*Yummy*Yummy* Octo enjoying her food with smiles Fish posing with her food After filling our tummies we decided to start with our cam whoring sessions..Haha..Let the fun begin~~~ Do we look alike??? Teehee.. Tea party with my new plush frens.. Baaaa~~~ Trapped in a mirror.. Mirror Reflection (Laughing our heads off trying to snap this picture) Showering together..*Shy*Shy* ARGH~~Peeping Tom~~SHOO~~Go away!! Overall the food is not bad but the service is quite bad and it's quite warm there probably cos it's in the afternoon. The whole bill came to a total of below RM67.00.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vietnam Kitchen 090808

am Went to Vietnam Kitchen @ Taipan for dinner today... They serve complimentary peanuts...the ones u normally eat with porridge.. For drinks we ordered a Basil Passion Soda & Cold Water Chestnut Cold Water Chestnut @ RM5.90 Basil Passion Soda @ RM6.50 Both the drinks taste nice....i like the basil passion taste refreshing while the chestnut drink has a very nice chestnut taste...taste like blended water chestnut...For starters, we ordered a Fried Vietnam Spring Roll..Fried Vietnam Spring Roll @ RM6.90 The spring roll is nice...wit some crushed peanuts on top to blend together with the meat n vege within the roll. Crispy..hehehe For dishes we ordered the vietnam sour soup, 3 sauce fish fillet, vietnam sesame chicken, and fried eggplant in vietnam style...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Ben & Nick's 080808

Due to the Olympics opening, decided to eat some where near my home so I could go home and watch the opening..hehehe Decided to try out Ben & Nick's opposite my place..the place is nice n cosy...very homely...but place is rather small... For drinks I ordered a cup of mango juice while Vince ordered a Coke light. For starters, we ordered a mushroom soup For main course, Vince ordered steak while I ordered chicken chop Food's nt as good s expected...the steak is not nicely cooked...part of it is too raw while the other part is just nice...the chicken chop doesn't taste very good....but the environment is good so could consider going back nx time to try their lamb shank..haha

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