Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day out...

The other day I went back to the ex-office in order to return the season parking pass..And I had to wait so long in order for the deposits to be processed and refund..Anyway, since I was there I couldn't help dropping by at the newly opened and first Krispy Kreme Doughnuts outlet in Malaysia. Queue was okie compared to when J.Co first came into Malaysia, maybe it's better to say there were only 3 other patrionizers in front of me. Nevertheless, service was good and all smiles (probably cos the principles are sitting there. Haha). The area is quite big and has a Mezzanine floor to cater to it's guests. They also have a show kitchen and the moment the new batch of doughnuts are baked, the Krispy Kreme's logos lights up and they start giving out 1 free glazed doughnuts to the guests queueing for their turn. While queueing the lights came on and was offered a glazed doughnut. Compared to the 1st time I tried the doughnuts, this time the doughnut isn't that sweet but still the dough remains soft and fluffy. ~NICE~. Anyway, in the show kitchen, everyone can see how the doughnuts were made probably to keep you occupied while waiting for your turn to pick the doughnuts..

Then it was my turn to pick my doughnuts. Hmm..not much flavours available compared to J.Co & Big Apple. I went for the 1 dozen assorted varities @ RM23.90 nett.
After some time, I finally completed my quest to pick 12 doughnuts. Flavours like green tea I could not accept so I opt for some repeatitive doughnuts. Haha.

P/S : Please don't mind the missing doughnut. Mummy was too hungry she couldn't wait for me to snap a pic before she grabbed the doughnut. From L to R : 1st Row ~ Hershey's Cookies & Cream, Hershey's Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Iced Custard Filled & Glazed Cruller

2nd Row ~ Original Glazed, Almond All Over, Original Glazed & Powdered Strawberry Filled

3rd Row ~ Missing Doughnut (Almond All Over), Hershey's Cookies & Cream, Glazed Chocolate Cake & New York Cheesecake.

But these doughnuts are too sweet for me & family's liking. So the next time I buy them I'll just take Mummy's advise and go for a dozen of the Original Glazed doughnuts and that's if I eveer go back to buy them. Haha.

After that lunch was great. Mrs Fly brought her darling son Kevin with her. He's so cute and so fun to play with. Can't wait for the day it'll be my turn to be a Mummy. Can't help wondering if I could be a gone one.

Kevin : Slurp SLurp~~ Mummy why Apple jie jie take pic of me drink milk??

The great news from the visit is I get to collect my long awaited bags~~ Finally...after the long wait...HAHA..Thanks Budak for the good follow up!! Yippeee~~~~

My NelNel..HAHA

Sigh~~ I gotta admit I miss the days I used to work there.. But with the direction they're heading, I suppose it's best that I leave. The sooner the better. Anyway, it's great to have known a bunch of friends there.

The pet tortoise at home..TOITOI..

For the past few years my family had been keeping this tortoise as a pet. Previously Daddy bought a pair of it and kept them in an aquarium with water. Probably such tortoise were not meant to be breed in an aquarium full of water so one of the poor thing kinda like drowned but the other one survived and till date still lives. However, recently he has been in the mood for some adventures thus he explored "TOITOI's quest to escape". HAHA.

TOITOI : Okie..I need to climb outta here...

TOITOI : Okie okie...I'm almost there...I gotta try harder

TOITOI : I made it...Now where should I head to??

TOITOI : oooo~~looks fun down there..

TOITOI : ARGH~~i i'm stuck..Daddy~~ save me~~~

Due to it's size, none of us had the courage to save it from behind the shelf so we had to summon Daddy to come to ToiToi's rescue. Haha. In his 2nd attempt he got a little smarter than to explore what's behind..He ended up on the side table and stared at the toy that was put for display there.

TOITOI : I can see that you're always next to my aquarium...Hi I'm ToiToi..What's your name??

Anyway, he has also been in the mood for yoga recently and he seems to be quite good in it..

Wonder what he'll be up to next...

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