Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My beloved grandpa

It is now 0034 hours. I cant sleep. I cant stop my tears from flowing. The month of july 2010 is an extremely depressing one for me. 6th of July 2010. My grandpa passed away. I gotta admit he's not the bestest coolest grandpa in the world but to me he's good enough. I used to complain that he grumbles too much and is too old fashioned. I clearly remember the days when we would all go back to my hometown at Tangkak during school holidays. We would all have to sleep early in order for us to wake up early and follow him to his tai chi classes. He would drive like he's the king of the road, stopping whenever and where ever he likes. He would make us select our own packet drinks left over from Chinese New Year then bring it to KFC. No soft drink only packet drinks from home. I remember him squatting at his garden removing every weed that comes in sight and attending to his flowers. I miss how he talks about his young days telling us how hardworking n poor he was and complaining how lazy we are and what good lives we have. I miss how he would grumble at us to fold our blankets when we wake up. I miss his smell of Hazeline. One day he fell sick. He could not walk and always told us he needs to pump oil into his knee so he don't feel painful. Then after a long period of pain he gives in to surgery. Due to age he was only given a half body anaesthetic so he was awake throughout the surgery. I could still recall him telling me he felt painful during the surgery. Not too long ago he was diagnosed with cancer. He was sent for chemotheraphy. The doc says he'll be fine. The sight of him kills me inside. He was a stubborn man. He listens to no one but himself. Once he woke up and wandered out on his own in the middle of the nite. He was too weak for this. He fell and knocked his head. He bleed profusely and was sent for stiches. It was Chinese New Year of 2010. He seemed to recover but soon he had difficulty peeing. He did not pee for 2 weeks and voiced out after his tummy was so bloated. Check ups show he has a growth at his bladder. He needs to use a tube to pee. He's a man of big ego and refuse the tubes initially but gave in. Not long after his mouth had some growth. The cancer came back. He's getting weaker by the day. He consumes only liquid food resulting him in becoming weaker. It went on for a few months. Every on and off he would press the bell demanding attention especially attention from my dad. At times when dad is not around he will presd on the bell like it was some toy until dad attends to him. Every now and then he would talk about his pain and says he's better off dead. Time went by and the bells continue ringing. At times it became annoying because he just wouldn't listen. Then the day came. It was a gloomy monday. I didn't feel like talking that day. I stayed back after work talking with a colleague on how my dad loved and how we learn. I went home had dinner showered and just went to lie on the bed. I just wanted to be alone. At 2 plus in the morning i heard my dad talking to my sister and i knew. Grandpa had left us. I'm relieved he no longer need to suffer. I told myself not to be upset because grandpa is now at a better place. He was sent back to Tangkak. The undertakers came. Most of my uncles and aunties were there. My dad was to help my grandpa cleanse his body and the siblings and grandchildren to assist in dressing up. He looked so thin. He had only bones and skin. I could not hold my tears seeing him in this state. This is not the man from my childhood memories. Every night i want to sit by his new home to keep him company. I would look at him and tell him everything is fine now and he had recovered. On the day the coffin was supposed to be sealed, the undertakers told us to view for 1 last time. I could not hold my tears. Nobody could. He was a father and a grandfather to all of us. We love him dearly. He will forever be in our hearts. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An upgrade of grade in life.

Just got back from a trip to Krabi with some friends. The trip was awesome due to great company and some memorable event.

It was a great surprise and I really did not expect it to happen. Yeap you guessed right. He popped the question. I was nervous thus acted silly. But I was really happy for these people planned for this even before the trip. They even helped choose the ring. Was very touched by the mural they did on the sand. It somehow almost made me cry.

I was extremely touched by what they did. Hope plans for marriage will soon come -Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone-

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