Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pinkie Cloth on My Hair

Today boss is not around, so I got all the time in the world to laze in the office.But I'm a hardworking staff and I always try my best to do my best in everything. (I just love myself..LOL). So while going into my lazy mood i suddenly thought I'll play around with my laptop webcam. And also my newly bought i dunno wat it's called so I'll just call it "Hair Holder".

See before I use the hair holder my hair is like falling all over my face (I know i know...i din't apply make-up since no appointments wat..hehe)

See!! After i put the cloth like material onto my hair it just clings on to the hair and the hair doesn't fall all over my face anymore~Great isn't it... ( colleagues were like "EH Apple..wat's that pinkie cloth doing on your hair??"

Anyway, now I'm walking all over office with my new pinkie cloth attached..LOL

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