Thursday, November 27, 2008


Recently there's this new tenant that started their biz..In the quest of satisfying our craving tummies me & my colleagues decide to try out the new ice cream stall, KINDORI ICE CREAM from Taiwan specializing in fresh fruits ice cream. Upon arrival we were greeted by the warm staffs and a cozy setup. Kindori offers a wide variety of fresh fruits for customers to choose from. The choosen fresh fruits are then picked and weighed in order to give the best flavouring then crushed and mixed with vanilla ice-cream to create its flavouring. Customers can choose to get their ice cream served in cup or in crispy waffle cone. They charge an additional RM1.00 for cone but its worth every cents cos the cone is so yummy and crispy.for which customers choose fresh fruit to flavor with. Besides the fruits flavour, they offer macha, red bean, standard chocolate flavour, coffee & even black sesame.

Cammie went for the mango flavour served in cup, Brenda went for raspberry on cone and I went for the macha on cone..*YUMMY* YUMMY* Sifu doing our ice cream..*SLURP*SLURP* Ice cream machine Mango flavour Raspberry flavour Macha Flavour

The ice cream taste really good and it's not too sweet. The fruity flavour is very full and the texture is smooth it slides down your throat. We had a good time enjoying the ice cream and went back to office with satisfied tummies..HEHE.. Gimme & Brada with their so called "Traffic Light" Kindori serves a variety of juices as well and also fruit tea...

P/S : Kindori is located on the 3rd Floor of Berjaya Times Square( in front of GSC).


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