Thursday, April 30, 2009

The pet tortoise at home..TOITOI..

For the past few years my family had been keeping this tortoise as a pet. Previously Daddy bought a pair of it and kept them in an aquarium with water. Probably such tortoise were not meant to be breed in an aquarium full of water so one of the poor thing kinda like drowned but the other one survived and till date still lives. However, recently he has been in the mood for some adventures thus he explored "TOITOI's quest to escape". HAHA.

TOITOI : Okie..I need to climb outta here...

TOITOI : Okie okie...I'm almost there...I gotta try harder

TOITOI : I made it...Now where should I head to??

TOITOI : oooo~~looks fun down there..

TOITOI : ARGH~~i i'm stuck..Daddy~~ save me~~~

Due to it's size, none of us had the courage to save it from behind the shelf so we had to summon Daddy to come to ToiToi's rescue. Haha. In his 2nd attempt he got a little smarter than to explore what's behind..He ended up on the side table and stared at the toy that was put for display there.

TOITOI : I can see that you're always next to my aquarium...Hi I'm ToiToi..What's your name??

Anyway, he has also been in the mood for yoga recently and he seems to be quite good in it..

Wonder what he'll be up to next...


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