Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Level 20 Restaurant City

I've just achieved Level 20 in my restaurant named "TEMPTATIONS" on Facebook. Currently I have 8 staffs; 4 chefs, 3 waiters and 1 cleaner (for the washrooms). At the moment the popularity stands at 43.6/50. Not bad eh. I feel proud too. Haha. In Temptations, we serve Royal Lobster Soup (Level 10) as starters, Royal Tuna Steak with Vegetables (Level 10) as main course and last but not least Delicious Exotic Fruit Skewers (Level 5) as dessert. At the moment the chefs of Temptations are going through a tough series of training to serve the customers with an irresistable dish of Simple Pork & Apple Chops. Yummy isn't it.

Royal Lobster Soup

Royal Tuna Steak with Vegetables

Delicious Exotic Fruit Skewers

Standard Pork & Apple Chops
P/S : I'm now hunting for Pork, Onions, Apples, Kiwis..Please do let me know if you have them and are willing to trade..Hehe.. :P


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