Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pasta Zanmai @ 1 Utama

Over the weekend, after completing the final touch ups of the room paint, Vince and me decided to head out for a hearty meal to award ourselves. Due to some cravings for pasta, I was pouncing around telling Vince to bring me to Pasta Zanmai and he agreed. ~Slurp~ Pasta Zanmai had such a small entrance and if it wasn’t for Shojikiya I would’ve just passed by without noticing. At the entrance both of us browsed through the menu and he nodded away agreeing to whatever I wish to eat. Hehe. Thank you lou gong..Muaxx~~ The area was quite small (probably only able to cater for less than 30) as it was tucked behind Shojikiya (the Japanese grocery store) but the place was cozy and quiet. Since both of us were almost starving we decided to go for pasta, rice and pizza. Also as usual, I could never ever say no to handrolls so I went for the usual soft shell crab handroll and Vince went for the smoked salmon handroll. They provide an option for the handroll to go with either seaweed or tortilla wrap. Both of us went for the standard seaweed wrap. Probably try the tortilla wrap the next visit. There were so many different pastas for us to choose from and they all look so delicious. So we skipped the pasta choice first and went to rice section. The variety of rice was much less and Vince was immediately attracted to one of the pictures, the meat sauce omelette rice. There wasn’t much variety of pizza as well but there was this picture of the pizza with prawn topping and being prawn lovers we need not think much and made our decision. Then we went back to the variety of pastas. There was this short clam and mushroom soup pasta that seemed very yummy and was quite keen to try but the sesame sauce pastas seem to attract me more so I decided we should go for the ebi tempura pasta with sesame sauce. As for the drinks, Vince wanted to try out the Simply Strawberry (smoothie) while I wanted the Iced Fruit Tea. Unfortunately, the smoothie was out of stock thus we went for a jug of Iced Fruit Tea instead.

Meat Sauce Omelette Rice

The tomato rice inside was actually quite nice when ate together with the egg and the sauce. But after several mouthful, we soon feel we had too much tomato but we still ended up gobbling down everything.

Ebi Tempura Pasta with Sesame Sauce Set (Set comes with Miso Soup & Salad)

Black & White Sesame

I gotta admit this was one of the best pasta I had ever tasted. The sesame blends nicely with the cream based sauce and every mouth is full of wonders and the pasta texture is nice not over cooked or too raw. Can't wait for the next visit to try out their other pastas. The salad and miso soup was just average.

Ebi Pizza. Ways to eat it : (1) Either with the chopsticks (2) just use your hands

Pizza was not too bad. Toppings consists of something I suppose it's squid, Jap rice cake, prawns, mushrooms (lots of diff mushrooms) and cheese. Was quite yummy but Vince found the mushroom taste too raw for his likings.

Jug of Iced Fruit Tea

My favourite drink at Pasta Zanmai. Will only settle for this drink at every chance I get to enter the shop.

Initially, we wanted to go for dessert when we saw the desserts menu, but there don't seem to be any more room left in our tummies for dessert. And as usual at the end of the meal we look at each other and ask "HOW TO KURUS LIKE THAT??" and the roar out in laughter..Haha. Sigh...I don't know how I can lose weight this way. Haha.


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