Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thank You Mr Postman..

One fine morning, while Vince was at work suddenly there was someone at the office door honking "BEEP BEEP~~" (motorcycle horn). Vince went to peep.."'s Mr Postman" so unlock the door go out see what Mr Postman wanted. Mr Postman asked "En. Vince ada tak? Ada surat berdaftar kasi dia" Vince replied "Oh..Saya Vince.." while looking at the white envelope Mr Postman held in his hand and keeping his own fingers crossed. After going through the necessary procedures, Mr Postman passed the envelope to Vince. Haha. Guess what is it?? Without further delay, Vince tore open the envelope and started cursing. Yea Yea~~ You all guessed right...

It is a SAMAN for speeding..Haha. Yes he was unhappy about it as it is a 3 lane highway and the speed limit should not be 80 only..(Please note that he was doing 107 that time). The compound would cost RM300.00. Funny thing is that we notice that the thingy was dated 19th May 2009 and we received it on the 15th May 2009. Haha. Nevermind..Stilll have to pay. So being the good citizens we decided to pay on the same day itself. Haha. Thus, we made a trip to the IPD Petaling Jaya. Vince still can smile and say "Good also..Can ular..". Since I didn't need to work I decided to tag along since I never got saman before (Yea..trying to show off) and wanted to see the police station. Hehe.
So we had lunch first and then went to settle some other work related matters before heading to IPD PJ. Upon arrival we went to the parking lot nearby and another conversation struck with the parking attendant. "Boss. Mana mau pigi??" Vince politely replied "IPD PJ..". Then the parking attendant still want to continue his interogation "Pigi sana apa buat??" Vince can't help but look at him with the "what has it got to do with you" look but still replied "BAYAR SAMAN". Haha. The parking attendant then looked at his watch and replied "AIYO!!! sekarang baru 2.30pm le...Itu kaunter talak buka la...Pukul 3pm baru buka la..Ini hari dia orang rehat sampai 3pm..Lu boleh tunggu ka??" trying to hint tat if we go in and park out car first we would incur extra parking costs as the parking charges by half hourly basis. We had no other place to go so Vince just answered "Tak apa..saya park dalam tunggu." So we took the parking ticket and went to find for a parking space. The parking lot was full. There were several cars that were involved in accidents parked there. Some crushed beyond recognition. An eerie sight. I believe the poor chaps did not even survive the crash. We had to turn like 2-4 rounds before we got a space and the space was so small thus we sat in the car scouting for another car to leave before we shift our parking space. After sometime a car left and we charged to the new available space. But it was only 2.45 pm. With nothing to do we thought mayb we should slowly crawl over to the station and wait there. Upon arrival, the police there was kind and guided us the way to the settlement counter. At the settlement office, there were already several other motorists waiting and checking their summonses. The settlement counters resume operations at 2.45 pm. So I sat there while Vince waited in line to get a number while to check if the compound could be reduced. Haha. Good citizen ma. Pay on same day. Deserve some discount ma right??
Didn't take long for Vince's turn. When it was his turn, the uncle at the counter asked "Semak saman ke bayar saman??" Vince replied "Bayar. Saya terima ini. Kena di Kajang. Boleh bayar sini ka??" Uncle answered "Satu Malaysia boleh bayar.." I could not help laughing to myself. Vince then asked "Boleh kurang ka itu compound?" The uncle looked up at us and loudly repeated "BOLEH KURANG KA" and then grabbed the summon Vince was holding. He glanced through and started typing something into the computer in front of him then informed us "Ini boleh la..bayar RM200.00. Mau bayar sekarang ar??" Not wanting to waste anytime Vince just nodded and the uncle pushed the summon back to us together with a number and asked us to wait for our turn at the next counter. It was only mere seconds before our number was called out and we went over to the payment counter.
A minute later, it was all settled and we wer given a receipt. The whole process took less than 5 minutes. Quite fast eh. Haha. After leaving we went to the bank to do some depositing and cash replenishing. We got a parking space and even though we would only be away from the car for bout what..less than 10 minutes or probably 5?? we still went over to the parking ticket dispenser machine and got ourself a ticket. Rather pay the 60 cents parking than to get a RM40.00 compound. Haha. Lesson well learnt.


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