Sunday, May 17, 2009

Senjyu Sushi..

Today Vince and me decided to head off for a day out at the cinema since it has been some time we were last at the cinema (No..not so long also. Our last movie was er..Sniper by Edison Chen..Haha..Lots of excuses we have). So after a few days of being not able to get hold of tickets for "Angel & Demons" today was our lucky day. We manage to grab 2 seats for the 3.20pm show at Sunway Pyramid. As we arrived at Sunway Pyramid during noon, the place was already packed and finding a parking is damn bloody hard even the valet parkings are fully occupied. No luck so just go scouting for a parking. All of a sudden, "Hubby..the light there is green..". So being the rempit kaki he rempit all the way to the parking only to hear me cursing. No you guys guessed wrong. The parking space was not taken. Light was still green. But there's a bloody car parked so bloody inside the front of the car's bout to kiss the wall in front of it thus causing the light to remain green. Damn!! Can't help cursing~~
But god does love me and just as we were bout to scount somewhere else we heard the beloved "beep beep" sound. The sound of someone unlocking the car. Turn the right. YEAH!! someone's leaving. Being the gan chiong aunty type i quickly say "Lou gong..faster..signal signal". Haha. Yeah~~ Got parking. When we arrived at the retail podium it was so crowded. What to do..weekend ma... So as usual we think "So what to eat??". Again being the aunty I suggested "Eh..I got Senjyu Sushi voucher..we go there la. Can save money also." Then we headed there. Hoho. 2nd time there. I like it there. It's got a nice enviroment.
The food is nice also. We decided to just grab the items from the convenyor belt. Ordered handrolls and also a Kimchi Beef noodle for Vince (last time we tried the salmon don..didn't like it that much). I opted for the soft shell crab handroll while Rempit Kaki went for the salmon & salmon roe..The soft shell crab was great. The funny thing is the shop was rupervisor served us our handrolls. He must have noticed I was snapping every single thing before looking into them as if inspecting for traces of poison so he turned back to our table and told me "I think it's better you eat the soft shell crab handroll first before it gets cold, cos when it's cold it's not nice. I feel it's geli. I tried it before. You eat the handroll first." So i thanked him for his advise and started attacking my handroll. It was really crunchy. Liked it to every bit. Yummy~~I almost wanted another one until Vince looked at me with me "HOW TO KURUS LIKE TAT"look. Oo..warning. So I hold back. Haha. Thank you lou gong. Hahahahah..They have this other soft shell crab thingy which was nice..even had crab roe in it..Slurps~~ Kimchi beed noodle was great also. The next time I go there I wanna try the Beef Sukiyaki. Looks nice. Hehe.
Soft Shell Crab Handroll

Salmon & Salmon Roe Handroll

Don't know what it's called but has got fried soft shell crab & crab roe. (Quite costly though. RM10.00 for 2 biji. Good thing Rempit Kaki can't bring himself to eat soft shell crab due to the way they were breed so I had it all for myself. It's good I told him the story of how they cut off all the crabs legs forcing them to change their skin thus becoming all soft..)

Don't know what is this. But I think it's something similar to California Maki but replaced the Ebiko with egg crepe and crab stick with salmon .

Kimchi Beef Soba (Suppose to be Udon. But I didn't like Udon so tricked Vince into changing to soba)

Quite a number of plates. Food was good. But lil pricy though..but still worth it.
After discount, the total bill came to bout RM50+. Still okie le.Hehe. Cos no need me to pay ma. Hehe. Thanks for lunch ya lou gong. Hehe.

Almost sneaked off with this while paying. Haha. No le..Just think it's cute.


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