Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Evil Lady Boss

Logged into Restaurant City in Facebook (P/S: Please be warned that this game is kinda addictive) awhile ago and was browsing through which friend's restaurant I had yet to visit so I could grab another ingredient for my dish. Then I was thinking, "Hmm...Did I visit Cammie's restaurant? Nvm..Try visit. See got what inside". So I clicked and enter the restaurant to get a shock. Apparently she had hired me as the cook in her restaurant and she made me work all day but provided NEITHER REST NOR FOOD!!! Now look at me lying there motionless obviously on strike in order to get proper rest or some food..

Dear Si Tau Po..Please please let me rest or feed me...I tu chi er~~~Wo mei you energy work liow~~
HAHA~~you evil lady boss!! Now better do what you're supposed to do before I report you to the relevant departments!!
By the way, I'm making pork chops recently so I'm in need of onions, apples & pork. Please do trade with me if you have supply and don't need it. Haha. Thanks in advance.


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