Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pay Day & Lunch

Today I was to drop by my ex-office as my final cheque is ready..Thank god~~Hahaha..$$$$$. Since I was dropping by I decided to have lunch with the other inmates so I gave them a call yesterday to make the necessary arrangements (tsk tsk~~so they can find excuses and sneak out from prison). Upon arrival, I headed to collect my car park deposit first. Met up with Pritam the receptionist. Glad to see her again..she seem so down cos I never manage to have a proper farewell with her on my last day (that's because I myself didn't know that day would be my last day.) LONG STORY. You see as usual I tendered my resignation bla bla~~questioning by managers "eh..y leave la??" this and that reason given..reason accepted..resignation accepted. (Take note that this happen on a Friday). I was supposed to serve a full 30 days notice but the company decided to offer me an early release, probably afraid that I might be a bad influence to others & fear that I'll grab all the P&C things and scurry off to hide. Anyway, they paid me for the early release and I also get paid for my remainining annual leaves. Isn't that great!! I love it. But the bloody thing that got on my nerve was that they only informed me about the early release on a MONDAY EVENING 5.35 PM TO BE EXACT!! and I'm given like what 25 MINS to pack my stuffs I have accumulated over 2 and a half years??!!?? WTF!! Can't help cursing while smiling as I was just worrying bout doing my handover list but now I don't need to do it. HAHA. But still I can't help cursing. And the thing that got on my nerve the most was that the eunuch was standing there while me and Fumoffu was packing eyeing on us like an eagle watching its prey. GOD!! It's really proven IT (can neither categorize as a male or female thus decided to categorize as IT). I know i know. I'm evil. BUT not as evil as IT. Oh I almost forgot 1 of the important thing which I believe would make everyone explode. The eunuch was supposed to be on leave!! and came back just to kick us out. IT didn't even allow us to take the name cards we collected with us .NMCB!! What right does IT have to not allow us to take the name cards?? The cards belongs to us anyway!! IT answered that the cards belong to the company as we were representing the company when we collected them and that we can have a photocopy!! Damn!! IT had the cheeks to say those. FINE..don't wanna argue. By all means go ahead with the cards (But Lamb & Mantou Lui managed to smuggle the name cards back for us. Haha. You THIEFS!!) Anyway, after packing and all we managed to borrow a trolley from our dear friend Yun-Yun. He too was shocked by the story. SO DRAMATIC~~haha..can turn it into a movie..probably can earn some roti canai money from there. HAHA. Anyway, me & Fumoffu only used 1 trolley..not too bad. Mrs Fly alone had to use 1 trolley and all of us had hand carries belonging to her with us. I suppose Mr Fly was quite shocked to see the boxes of personal belongings his wife had accumulated over the years. (Anyway, Mrs Fly story was even more dramatic thanks to the eunuch and the tayar buruk. Long story though probably some other time I might have the mood to share it). Anyway, the dreadful days were over, I had collected my last pay cheque and left the company for good. All of a sudden the sky is a nice shade of blue, birds are chirping and even the grass smells nice~~ AHHHH~~~~
Okie. Back to the present. After collecting my car park deposit, I headed off to the HR office to collect my cheque but was informed "Sorry la yang..After lunch only ready la...Pending 1 signature lagi. Tapi confirm hari ini boleh dapat. Nanti ready I call you la". NMCCB!!KNN!! Anyway, don't wannt spoil my day so me & Fumoffu just smiled to her and calmly said "Okie..". Then together with Mrs Fly we headed off to McD for some money saving session with the Mc Value Lunch!! Yummy~~ The outlet was so packed and we had to wait for 2 tables as there were 9 of us. Mantou Lui ate the most. She had a Mc Nugget set (LARGE) & chocolate sundae. Wonder where all the food went to?? Anyway, lunch was great (with lots and lots of McD french fries)..usual la...gossips when these few 8 po and 1 pat kong sit together..HAHA..
Look at the mountain of french fries..HAHA..Time to dig in~~
After some gossips, it was 2.00 PM. Time for prison inmates to return to respective cells. So off they went. Me & Fumoffu went for the beloved shopping sessions. Haha. As usual, shopping queen go out cannot go home empty handed. But the things were worthy and affordable (NEVER use the word cheap. Always use affordable. Haha). Lets have a guess from the below picture how much everything costs?? Haha.

Pastel Yellow Cotton dress with Purple Flower Prints

Cotton top and Shimmer Leggings (Sold Seperately)


Now make a wild guess!! Time given is 20 Seconds..Now don't cheat..Guess before you start scrolling down...





















And the answer is...RM55.00~~~ YEAH!!!!!! Happy Happy!!!Feel it's good bargain..Haha. Gotta wait before I can go for my next shopping session. When would it be?? Gotta control and save for my Bandung trip end of this year..Hopefully can survive till then..Hehe...Also..Can't wait for my "Map on the Go" to arrive..HOHO


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